I've worked with puppets for twenty five years. I can make puppets, perform with them, talk about them, teach others to make them, lead improvisations with them (I have a big stock of old puppets in trunks and hold-alls), direct at a professional level, and have written or co-written about a dozen professionally performed plays. Since I started - more or less by acccident - in 1984, I've found them a fantastic liberating force for creative energy, both in me and everybody I've worked with. Although i spend more time writing these days, I still perform my own shows as TIP THE WINK PUPPETS.

My current shows are:

"ANNIE AND THE WHALE" - a half-hour booth show mainly for 4-8yr olds, and sutitable for parties as well as schools and theatres. Funny and exciting, with vivid characters. Never fails! See below for a short trailer.

"NEVER TRUST A SQUIRREL" adapted from my picture book of the same name. Laughs and excitement for any age...

ALSO Giant Puppets, Cabaret pieces, Talks with and about Puppets, and all kinds of Workshops

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A trailer for annie and the whale:

Never trust a Squirrel O'Driscoll's Treasure wings to fly I is someone else Tell me Lies