O'driscoll's treasure



An exciting, atmospheric adventure story for 8 - 10 yr olds, set in a remote island in the West of Ireland, where Felix and Kaia and their families are threatened with eviction by developers. But who was Mr O'Driscoll, the previous owner? And did he really have a treasure hidden under the hill? It is the children who must find out, and they only have a little time.... 8yrs +

"O'DRISCOLL'S TREASURE" is translated into Spanish and published in USA and all over South America as "El Tesoro de los Reyes de Irlanda"

"O'DRISCOLL'S TREASURE" was my first novel , and is still one of my favourites, so I am very pleased to see it re-issued. It's particularly enjoyable for 8/10 yrs olds who are newly confident at reading,and want a book that will keep them excited right to the end.

"I shut my eyes. The stone felt big between my arms, but my fingers found details in the grain, until they were comfortable. Then quite suddenly the stone seemed to vibrate. It was like a deep singing, like a whale song.
"Turn!" called Kaia softly.
Almost of itself, the stone lifted and turned.

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