About Me

Oh no, do I have to write about myself?  It always sounds so phoney.  Besides, the point of writing fiction  is to hide yourself behind your characters.  Still, in case anybody's interested,  here are a few bullet-points to give a feeling of my life so far

  • I was born in Wales, in the Wye valley, miles from anywhere, in a big run-down house with loads of animals, and  an ancient steam railway just behind it (long since closed).  My Dad was a schoolteacher, and we had ponies - which I didn't properly appreciate, being more into books and theatre.
  • I always loved the theatre, and wanted to be an actor. In a way I am. Puppetry is a kind of acting, and so is writing - what's more you get to be all your characters.
  • I studied modern languages at Oxford University, then trained and worked as a social worker in Manchester.  I worked in a hostel for alcoholics and as a 'generic' social worker for what was then Hereford and Worcester County Council.
  • I spent seven years travelling, mostly in India, finding out about Eastern religions and their cultures, meditating, and just hanging out with some very interesting people. I lived incredibly cheaply and survived for a while by baking cakes. I still think India is the greatest country in the world, and go back with my family when I can.
  • I've lived for twenty five years in Totnes, Devon, with my wife and three kids.
  • Never trust a SquirrelO'Driscoll's Treasurewings to flyI is someone elseTell me Lies