Patrick Cooper - Children's Author and Puppeteer


Welcome to my website! I'm a children's author and puppeteer. I live in Totnes, a small town in Devon in the West of England with my family. I've written books which have been published all over the world, many children's plays both for myself and other companies, and also given thousands of puppet performances and workshops. - Check the other pages on this site for more details.

I'm often available for talks and author visits to Primary and Secondary schools ideally years five, six, seven and eight. My talks are versatile, entertaining and somewhat unpredictable. I usually bring a few puppets along to liven them up

To find out more about my books, click on the relevant picture below - for more about puppet shows and workshops click PUPPETS in the menu on the left. ABOUT ME gives a bit of biography, and under STORIES I have put some extracts of plays and unpublished stories for anyone interested.

You can contact me by e-mail:

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